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Not just to speed things up: Performance Marketing

Principle 5: Scientific Experimentation. Data-driven identification of the right performance marketing measures is one of our specialties: campaigns for B2B, SaaS, and LeadGen. Less waste, more leads.

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Your customers are searching for you today. Can they find you?

We bring knowledge from over 4 years consulting with the most promising companies at Google: over 500 successfully scaled Ads accounts, an expert network, and more. Do you want to benefit from it?


How do we get affordable leads?

In the world of LeadGen and SaaS, it's all about targeted and effective marketing. Working 4 years as Senior Consultant at the Accelerated Growth Team at Google, we have already helped over 500 prominent companies to increase their visibility, generate qualified leads, and boost revenue.

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Performance Marketing for targeted growth.

Right now, your target audience is looking for solutions like yours. If you're not visible, someone else is. We identify and implement strategies to spark conversations and maximize your sales opportunities, always with ROAS in mind.

  • How do we use SEA to increase brand awareness?
  • Which Paid Advertising Channels are effective for our business model?
  • How can we improve our Conversions through targeted advertising?
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Towards the market research team.

Your sales team knows exactly what your customers are looking for. We use these insights to utilize SEA as a fast testing ground for effective communication and conversion strategies.

  • How to ignite promising Sales Conversations with SEA?
  • How do we optimize Ads for better conversion rates?
  • How can we Scale and Optimize campaigns?
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Hypotheses and experiments in performance marketing.

By testing hypotheses and conducting targeted experiments, we can effectively increase the performance of our advertising efforts. This approach helps optimize advertising costs and maximize ROI.

  • Which keyword strategies lead to the best results?
  • How can we make ad spending more efficient?
  • Which ad formats generate the most leads?
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Value-based and automated bidding in auctions.

By using value-based bidding and automated auction strategies, we maximize the efficiency of our ad spend and increase the likelihood of our ads reaching the right audiences.

  • How can we optimize bids based on customer value?
  • What role does our proprietary data play in automated bidding?
  • How do we improve audience targeting through data-driven bidding?
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Creating pathways to purchase.

Demand spans the entire sales funnel. We ensure that you are visible at every stage, from educational content to targeted landing pages.

  • How can we use Content to educate and convert our target audience?
  • What role do value-based bids play in our campaigns?

The sound of growth

We're grateful for the many companies we've worked with and the impact we've had:

We can only recommend the collaboration with Roser Growth. Simon's expertise and professionalism is a real asset to any brand. He has helped us a lot.
Maja Löwedey

Maja Löwedey

COO, Bracenet

Working with Simon was truly enjoyable. His easygoing manner combined with a professional approach made the collaboration extremely pleasant. We have gained a clear direction in marketing and will continue to benefit from it in the future. A clear recommendation.
Jana Haberkern

Jana Haberkern

Marketing Manager, PACTA.AI

Roser Growth has supported my team in the critical stages of establishing our marketing foundations, strategically crafting a working GTM and building our LeadGen engine. Thanks to Roser Growth, I was able to focus on key aspects of my day-to-day with a good feeling. Anytime again.
Markus H.

Markus H.


Our collaboration with Roser Growth was very good. His expertise in Paid Social and SEA significantly increased our visibility and led us to excellent results in the GTM, while significantly improving the CPL. He demonstrated great expertise, was transparent in communication, and consistently delivered real added value for us.
Christoph Barth

Christoph Barth

Sales & Marketing Director, Aira

Who doesn't love good growth?

From early customer profiles to scaling beyond the plateau: we assist LeadGen and SaaS marketing teams towards excellence. Benefit from principles, processes, and growth strategies that already help successful companies today.

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