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The sound of growth

We're grateful for the many companies we've worked with and the impact we've had:

We can only recommend the collaboration with Roser Growth. Simon's expertise and professionalism is a real asset to any brand. He has helped us a lot.
Maja Löwedey

Maja Löwedey

COO, Bracenet

Working with Simon was truly enjoyable. His easygoing manner combined with a professional approach made the collaboration extremely pleasant. We have gained a clear direction in marketing and will continue to benefit from it in the future. A clear recommendation.
Jana Haberkern

Jana Haberkern

Marketing Manager, PACTA.AI

Roser Growth has supported my team in the critical stages of establishing our marketing foundations, strategically crafting a working GTM and building our LeadGen engine. Thanks to Roser Growth, I was able to focus on key aspects of my day-to-day with a good feeling. Anytime again.
Markus H.

Markus H.


Our collaboration with Roser Growth was very good. His expertise in Paid Social and SEA significantly increased our visibility and led us to excellent results in the GTM, while significantly improving the CPL. He demonstrated great expertise, was transparent in communication, and consistently delivered real added value for us.
Christoph Barth

Christoph Barth

Sales & Marketing Director, Aira


The product is validated.
How do we get affordable leads?

As a LeadGen or SaaS startup, you've already seen initial success. The product is established, and sales are starting. Now it's time to realize the growth potential. Growth specialists are hard to find, agencies and freelancers provide only piecemeal help and often operate in silos. So, how to grow sustainably?

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Holistic In-House Expertise

An All-Star Marketing Team is Needed.

In a changing buyer landscape, building a growth engine is a challenge for tech founders and marketers. Outdated lead tactics cause more hurdles than progress. It costs time for important core tasks.

  • What principles are essential?
  • How do I build effective processes?
  • How do I assemble my team?
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Good Growth

Goodbye Silo Partnership. Hello In-House Excellence.

Agencies often work isolated from the go-to-market area and do not adapt to macroeconomic conditions. Our customers seek a partner who easily integrates into the team, brings experience from the past, offers value-oriented expertise, and passes on knowledge in-house.

  • Consistent action, in line with the mission
  • Accelerated learning for the marketing team
  • Principles from 7+ years of growth in a few months

Our Principles for GoodGrowth

Shaped from years of experience and dozens of successful projects: a selection of our principles.

A round circle representing clarity in fron of many triangles representing growth
#6: Doing The Right Thing

Clarity is the Foundation.

Honor the basics: ICP, Messaging, JTBD, Channel mix & more. We define core hypotheses, derive best practices, and create playbooks, so your teams can be excellent.

Principles lay the foundation for sustainable and consistent growth - Roser Growth
#1: Alignment & Consistency

From the Inside Out.

The optimum: your mission united with product development, marketing efforts, and sales. Through Gap Analysis and systematic recommendations (RICE score), we gain an overview. Customer acquisition (Funnel) and Sales process optimization are part of our Growth Strategy.

A diagram showing the three different go-to-market strategies: Marketing-Led, Sales-Led, and Product-Led Growth.
#2: Honor the Compound-Effect


Whether approaching a product launch or international expansion: we have advised on successful Marketing, Sales, and Product-Led Growth strategies for over 7 years.

Strong marketing team of employees, working together on a project at their computers. They are motivated and engaged.
#8: The Environment is Key

Talent and Recruiting

We have hired for our own companies and for Google sales teams. We know how to build an employee-oriented culture and All-Star teams.

Growth through paid channels like Google Ads, Meta Ads, and LinkedIn Ads can represent a growth engine. Picture SEA Roser Growth
#5: Scientific Experimentation

Paid Growth Strategy

At Google, we worked on over 1,000 Ads accounts. Generated 1m+ leads via Meta and LinkedIn. You can benefit from our knowledge.

What we do really well

Agile, target audience tailored Growth

We offer comprehensive expertise in three core areas: (Digital) Marketing, Sales, and Team Coaching. Our team has experience in building and scaling our own brands, as well as leading sales and marketing teams. We rely on 4 years growth consulting at Google's Accelerated Growth Team and the application of psychology in marketing and sales.

In-depth Insights

Such as the identification and validation of marketing personas. Market and target audience segmentation based on (existing) data.

UX & UI Optimization

Small improvements to the website can make a big difference. We speak Hotjar, Figma, liquid (Shopify), next.js, Astro, Webflow. Our partners even more.

Performance Marketing

We've worked on over 1,000 high-profile Ads accounts, primarily SEA. We analyze, optimize, and scale LeadGen, Ecomm, and Multi-Channel accounts.

Data Analysis+

Analyze data patterns along the customer journey to derive informed action recommendations. This generally improves reporting, tracking, and bidding.

Psychology & Data

Why do people pay attention? Why do they buy? (Your) data tells a story. We identify correlations for sales and marketing.


We advocate for healthy boundaries, integrity-led leadership, and increased internal motivation. The goal is an environment of authenticity and appreciation.

Who doesn't love good growth?

From early customer profiles to scaling beyond the plateau: we assist LeadGen and SaaS marketing teams towards excellence. Benefit from principles, processes, and growth strategies that already help successful companies today.

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