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We focus on LeadGen and SaaS based Businesses in different phases of growth (post Seed, pre A, post A,...), SMBs and traditional companies. Here are some of the typical requirements we look out for:

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Whom we help

You want to build a Growth Engine that's Yours.

We are not an agency or freelancers thinking in silos. We help SaaS and LeadGen companies that want to build sustainable growth engines internally.

We have three basic requirements for collaboration:

  • Your meaningful offer has won initial customers.
  • You have at least 1 FTE for marketing.
  • Your sales and customer support team consists of 2+ people.
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Strategic Investments and ROI

Marketing is a strategic investment. A typical partnership spans several months, with varying intensity over that period. We value long-term partnerships. An initial investment of €7500 per month and €3000 in advertising expenses should be planned for.

  • Real results typically set in after 3-9 months.
  • Efforts typically compound over time.
  • Lasting growth requires time, money, skills, and knowledge.
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Your Team

Whether based in Germany or remote-first, we will work intensively with you. For this, we need a dedicated contact person who can allocate at the very least 2 hours per week.

  • Regular interaction with the sales team.
  • Open to impulses for setting goals and boundaries in the team.
  • A hunger for continued education and growth in all areas.

Principle #7: Our business is change.

Start with a free analysis of your current digital sales and marketing strategy.

What can you expect from our conversation?

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  • No binding commitments or requirements.
  • No sales pitch.
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