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Strategies for "closed/won".

Principle 2: Honor the Compound-Effect. We utilize effective, long-term go-to-market and growth strategies for B2B and SaaS. We develop buyer-oriented strategies that focus on sales conversations, pipeline, and revenue growth.

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The online buying behavior has changed.

95% of the buying processes are already heavily biased before speaking with sales.

GTM & Strategy

The difference between tactics and strategy? Affordable leads - long term.

Companies often confuse growth tactics with a long-term marketing strategy. It requires a combination of target audience-appropriate messaging, a clear and compelling funnel design, deep understanding of the customer journey, and effective internal communication.

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Low hanging fruits first.

We often bring a new perspective to your sales funnel. This way, we benefit early from immediate opportunities to build momentum for hypotheses and experiments. Then, we create a demand creation strategy to make your customers' problems as understandable and visible as possible.

  • Which measures can we directly benefit from?
  • Are we visible to direct prospects?
  • How can we strategically expand website and content?
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Target Group Definition (ICP)

Which target groups are most relevant for our products? What problems, desires, and personal goals are essential? How do they think, search, and buy? These and more questions are indispensable for targeted communication.

  • Which customer groups benefit the most?
  • Which problems and solutions should we prioritize?
  • Do we deeply understand our ideal customers?
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Product-, Marketing-, or Sales-based Selling Strategies?

Often, LeadGen and SaaS companies start with a strong focus on direct sales. Roser Growth helps to answer the question of which strategy promises long-term and sustainable success for the offered services.

  • How can we make sales strategies more effective?
  • Which inbound marketing strategies drive leads?
  • Should we focus on Product-Led Growth (PLG)?

The sound of growth

We're grateful for the many companies we've worked with and the impact we've had:

We can only recommend the collaboration with Roser Growth. Simon's expertise and professionalism is a real asset to any brand. He has helped us a lot.
Maja Löwedey

Maja Löwedey

COO, Bracenet

Working with Simon was truly enjoyable. His easygoing manner combined with a professional approach made the collaboration extremely pleasant. We have gained a clear direction in marketing and will continue to benefit from it in the future. A clear recommendation.
Jana Haberkern

Jana Haberkern

Marketing Manager, PACTA.AI

Roser Growth has supported my team in the critical stages of establishing our marketing foundations, strategically crafting a working GTM and building our LeadGen engine. Thanks to Roser Growth, I was able to focus on key aspects of my day-to-day with a good feeling. Anytime again.
Markus H.

Markus H.


Our collaboration with Roser Growth was very good. His expertise in Paid Social and SEA significantly increased our visibility and led us to excellent results in the GTM, while significantly improving the CPL. He demonstrated great expertise, was transparent in communication, and consistently delivered real added value for us.
Christoph Barth

Christoph Barth

Sales & Marketing Director, Aira

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From early customer profiles to scaling beyond the plateau: we assist LeadGen and SaaS marketing teams towards excellence. Benefit from principles, processes, and growth strategies that already help successful companies today.

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