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We want to achieve the extraordinary.

Principle 1: The Key is Alignment and Consistency. Growth comes from within. It's about effective internal communication, goal setting (OKR), training, sales conversations, and so much more. Elevate your team to the next level.

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Best Practice shouldn't fit in your team.

Our environment is one of the strongest influencing factors when it comes to success. We're not looking for the "standard," but for repeatable patterns applied by outliers, those who stand out.


Growth through Teamwork: How do we achieve more?

Success in startups requires more than just hard work. It's about alignment and consistency in teamwork, effective internal communication, and clear goals. We'll show you how to make your teams more effective and promote real growth.

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Alignment and Consistency: The Key to Success.

We optimize internal communication and align teams with common goals. How can we strengthen collaboration while harnessing individual strengths?

  • How can we make internal communication more effective?
  • How do we use OKRs to advance our north star metric?
  • How to avoid unnecessary meetings and promote real collaboration?
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Learning from and with the Best.

People align with social groups. What values are lived? What standards are set? You want to achieve the extraordinary. This can only be done when everyone pulls in that direction. We've learned from and with high-performance teams at Google, EY, Gartner, and in our own startup.

  • What structures lead to exceptional performance?
  • What defines a truly efficient team culture?
  • What principles and values shape our company?
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We build High-Performance Marketing Teams.

We're not an agency. We're not consultants who think in silos. Our primary goal: to anchor our experience, ideas, and shared vision in your company in the long term. Successful collaboration with Roser Growth means close cooperation with your team.

  • We are part of your organization and walk the path together.
  • Our expertise stays with your teams after the collaboration.
  • We work with certified coaches to grow further.

The sound of growth

We're grateful for the many companies we've worked with and the impact we've had:

We can only recommend the collaboration with Roser Growth. Simon's expertise and professionalism is a real asset to any brand. He has helped us a lot.
Maja Löwedey

Maja Löwedey

COO, Bracenet

Working with Simon was truly enjoyable. His easygoing manner combined with a professional approach made the collaboration extremely pleasant. We have gained a clear direction in marketing and will continue to benefit from it in the future. A clear recommendation.
Jana Haberkern

Jana Haberkern

Marketing Manager, PACTA.AI

Roser Growth has supported my team in the critical stages of establishing our marketing foundations, strategically crafting a working GTM and building our LeadGen engine. Thanks to Roser Growth, I was able to focus on key aspects of my day-to-day with a good feeling. Anytime again.
Markus H.

Markus H.


Our collaboration with Roser Growth was very good. His expertise in Paid Social and SEA significantly increased our visibility and led us to excellent results in the GTM, while significantly improving the CPL. He demonstrated great expertise, was transparent in communication, and consistently delivered real added value for us.
Christoph Barth

Christoph Barth

Sales & Marketing Director, Aira

Who doesn't love good growth?

From early customer profiles to scaling beyond the plateau: we assist LeadGen and SaaS marketing teams towards excellence. Benefit from principles, processes, and growth strategies that already help successful companies today.

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